Planning Days Code of Ethics

(Revised for 2016)

  1. Representatives must present clear and accurate information concerning their institution or agency while avoiding ambiguous, questionable, or false information about competing institutions and agencies. Ambiguous or false claims about accreditation, "national rankings" or guarantees of employment upon completion of education or training are not acceptable.

  2. Only full-time admissions officers, institutional representatives, delegated salaried school officials, or trained alumni shall represent schools or agencies during the Planning Days programs. Use of current students or recruits during Planning Days will not be allowed.

  3. Representatives will attend all scheduled programs that they registered for during the week of their participation. In case of emergency or illness, the representative scheduled has the responsibility of contacting the Planning Days Coordinator, Katie Watson or the Planning Days Fair Assistant, Roena Halbur, as soon as the representative knows he or she will be unable to attend. Representatives are also expected to be on time and stay until the program has been completed. Failure to comply with either of these rules can result in an institution being disqualified from participation in that region the following year.

  4. Appropriate items to distribute to students include brochures describing an institution and its programs, catalogs, applications, pens, or pencils, and other items containing factual information. Gimmick items such as calendars, shopping bags, t-shirts, jackets, buttons, key chains, bumper stickers, posters, headbands, decals, etc. may not be distributed to students during the Planning Days Fair Circuit.

  5. To encourage Planning Days attendance, no home visits or follow-up visits to the high school will be permitted until the fair for that specific region has been held. Visits after the fair has taken place at a certain high school will be allowed.

  6. One piece of visual equipment will be permitted per table as long the power source is self-contained. This permits use of photo slide shows, laptops and other videos with disabled audio or head set audio only.

  7. Discounts on tuition or other fees will not be offered for an immediate cash payment.

  8. Representatives will not insist on or pressure students to make immediate decisions to enroll, enlist, or make substantial down payments because of few remaining openings.

  9. Representatives may represent only one institution or agency and must agree not to recruit students for another institution.

  10. Representatives will remain behind their tables when visiting with students.

  11. RRepresentatives are required, at a minimum, to dress in business casual (no t-shirts or blue jeans) for all programs.

  12. In order to minimize problems of congestion and blocked visibility, no table or floor displays over 24" high will be allowed. Tablecloths or drops are permitted.

  13. Only regionally accredited institutions will be allowed to participate in the WAO Planning Days Fairs.


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