Welcome to the 2019 Wyoming Post-High School Planning Days!

Wyoming Post-High School Planning Days is sponsored by the Wyoming Admissions Officers (WAO) in cooperation with the Wyoming high school counselors.

Planning Day fairs are organized into three regional weeks; Western, Northern and Plains. Here are the dates for 2019:

Western Region: September 16th – 19th, 2019
Northern Region: September 23th – 27th, 2019
Plains Region: September 30th - October 3th, 2019

Colleges, Universities, job training programs and military representatives are invited to join us for three weeks of fantastic post-secondary fairs. Please see the Program Schedule for dates, times and locations.

We will again be using the electronic scanners/leads. If your college or organization would like to participate in this program, please go to www.gotocollegefairs.com to rent the size of scanner you anticipate you will need. WAO will not have extra scanners, so please plan accordingly. The cost of the scanner will depend upon the number of leads you need it to hold. The cost of renting a scanner is not included in the fair registration fees.

Representatives participating in Planning Days must adhere to the Code of Ethics. Violations will be carefully documented and any institution in violation may not be invited to participate in future programs.

Why should you attend Wyoming Post-High School Planning Days? Our students are thrilled to be given the chance to explore their post-secondary options this year! Wyoming’s students are involved in dual enrollment, IB, AP and other college prep courses to help encourage their educational and career goals.

Wyoming is a beautiful state with wide open spaces. Institutions who partake in the Western region have the opportunity to spend time in the Jackson and Yellowstone areas. There are a variety of wonderful activities to make your time in Wyoming memorable, such as dining, hiking, sight-seeing, Teton National Park, shopping, golf, fishing, you name it!

Participants are also encouraged to spend the weekend in Casper between the Northern region and Plains region. Things to do in Casper include movies, dining, downtown shopping and hiking Casper Mountain.

We look forward to seeing you this fall!

Alex Barker
Admissions Representative
Laramie County Community College


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